Installing dpymenus is very simple. First, ensure you are running Python 3.8 or higher.

Version Support

As of v2, support for 3.7 was dropped due to various internal preferences. I try to work with modern versions of the language, so supporting versions far behind would be a hindrance to myself and my enjoyment of programming.

Second, make sure you are in your virtual environment (if you are not using Poetry). This trips up many newcomers to the language, but it's a critical step.

Last, run this in your command-line:

pip install dpymenus

If you use Poetry:

poetry add dpymenus

Development Branch

If you are interested in using the development branch, you can run:

pip install git+
poetry add git+

Please note that there are no stability or documentation guarantees for this branch. It is NOT recommended using the development branch unless you know what you are doing.